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Hi there,

Since you came here

i think u might be interested in some personal trivia..

I am a software engineer in NeST..

Has been in some interesting projects.


I am from Kollam , more precisely Ochira..

Itz quite known for the temple ...

Well, actually therez no temple..the deity sits under a banyan tree..

And the festival too is quite well known in kerala..


My basic schooling was all done in here only..

For my diploma i went to Tirur..

Thatz some 300kms form my place..

Man, that was quite some time..

I really enjoyed the time i was there..what with all the tinkering

with the HAM radio..all our computer association activities..

I was the President of

HAM radio club and a Join Secretary for the association.

Most important i could finish off in style .. I passed the exams with distinction..and got selected in a campus interview..

So thatz what i did before coming here..

You wanna know what I did after being here?

Just Click here


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